15:09 Changeset [12354] by hritcu
Created Trac tickets for everything on the TODO list. Kept it just as a …
14:06 Ticket #29 (Implement LaTeX Printer) created by hritcu
Automatic translation of the abstract syntax tree to LaTeX (would be nice …
14:03 Ticket #28 (Support a declarative way of specifying new primitives) created by hritcu
Support a declarative way of specifying new primitives (types, …
13:59 Ticket #27 (Support first-order logic authorization logic with says modality) created by hritcu
For security despite compromise it would be cool to have first-order logic …
13:53 Ticket #26 (Sound and more complete algorithmic version) created by hritcu
Soundness needs to be proved! Sources of incompleteness: * the treatment …
13:51 Ticket #25 (Make the type-checker parametric in the authorization logic) created by hritcu
The user can select the logic at the start of the file (*#logic FOL-SPASS …
13:50 Ticket #24 (Make the tool more modular) created by hritcu
e.g. define clear interfaces
13:49 Ticket #23 (Write interpreter for spi with constructors and destructors) created by hritcu
Write interpreter for spi with constructors and destructors * might be …
13:46 Ticket #22 (Customize type-checker via command line arguments) created by hritcu
[…] Here are some other ideas: * Make it possible to further …
13:46 Ticket #21 (Output the typing derivation) created by hritcu
Update 2010-03-05: Have a look at Ticket #73 Have the type-checker …
13:43 Ticket #20 (Give more informative error messages) created by hritcu
This would greatly improve the usability of the tool
13:42 Ticket #19 (Verify the validity of (n,m)-statements) created by hritcu
We should check at least that the alphas and betas are always in range for …
13:33 Ticket #18 (Type inference) created by hritcu
* we could try to infer some of the type annotations * especially …
13:31 Ticket #17 (Fully automated functional tests ... using OUnit) created by hritcu
Related to Ticket #98 testsuite.sh does this to some extent, but it does …
13:28 Ticket #16 (DAA: no more cutting corners with the f value) created by hritcu
13:25 Ticket #15 (Add typedefs (syntactic sugar)) created by hritcu
Might be very useful for DAA (e.g. the type of the f-value is really …
13:21 Ticket #14 (Use the ProVerif syntax for tuples and splitting???) created by hritcu
(a,b,c) instead of <a,b,c> Not sure what difference it will make
13:18 Ticket #13 (Get rid of ok, exercise, pair, etc.) created by hritcu
Tuples and tuple types are now implemented just as syntactic sugar, while …
13:15 Ticket #12 (Update the implementation of the statement compilation function) created by hritcu
Update the implementation of the statement compilation function. In …
13:13 Ticket #11 (Write a more informative README on how to use the tool) created by hritcu
Update: Now this can be based on what Thorsten wrote on his …
13:11 Ticket #10 (Use different directories for sources and generated binaries) created by hritcu
Change Makefile to use different directories for sources and generated …
13:10 Ticket #9 (Add (a lot) more test cases) created by hritcu
Add (a lot) more test cases, in particular negative ones. Some important …
13:09 Ticket #8 (Improve logging) created by hritcu
We could have more logging information displayed in -v 2 and -v 3. Instead …
13:07 Ticket #7 (Move to a cleaner input syntax) created by hritcu
We have too many stars and hashes and stuff. Q: How about using something …
13:03 Ticket #6 (Clean up the code) created by hritcu
There are some things that should just go away (e.g. the stuff that is …
13:02 Ticket #5 (Eliminate as many warnings as possible) created by hritcu
12:56 Ticket #4 (Chose an official name for the type-checker) created by hritcu
We just went with zk-typechecker Variants: * zk-typechecker (the …
12:49 Ticket #3 (Extend the logger to statements) created by hritcu
Maybe Kim or Stefan can help
12:46 WikiStart edited by hritcu
12:45 WikiStart edited by hritcu
12:41 WikiStart edited by hritcu
12:38 Ticket #1 (Set up Trac repository) closed by hritcu
12:29 Ticket #1 (Set up Trac repository) reopened by hritcu
12:29 Ticket #1 (Set up Trac repository) closed by broeni
12:20 Ticket #2 (Review all the code) created by hritcu
Look very carefully at all TODOs, XXXs and other.
12:18 WikiStart edited by hritcu
This is a great step for mankind (diff)
12:12 Ticket #1 (Set up Trac repository) created by hritcu
Now everything works
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10:51 Changeset [12353] by hritcu
Added identity destructor
10:48 Changeset [12352] by hritcu
Added identity destructor
10:38 Changeset [12351] by hritcu
There was some problem updating the TODO file in my previous commits. Hope …
10:36 Changeset [12350] by broeni
killed todo
10:18 Changeset [12349] by hritcu
Added identity destructor


12:14 Changeset [12322] by hritcu
12:04 Changeset [12321] by hritcu
Removed old pseudo-trust model - no longer needed and was not working
11:56 Changeset [12320] by hritcu
Made binders-03.spi work by fixing bug in environment extraction. Also …
10:56 Changeset [12317] by hritcu
Added my name to the list of authors.
09:30 Changeset [12316] by hritcu
Fixed bug that was causing binders03 to fail. Now the whole thing does not …


19:51 Changeset [12312] by hritcu
19:25 Changeset [12311] by hritcu
Added tuples as syntactic sugar to SPASS. Changed DAA example to take …
18:33 Changeset [12310] by hritcu
Fixed bugs by which ok was considered a free identifier in SPASS formulas …
18:28 Changeset [12309] by hritcu
Removed harmful annotations
18:27 Changeset [12308] by hritcu
Fixed old DAA (removed harmful annotations)


18:30 Changeset [12306] by hritcu
Made a clear distinction between terms (existing) and statements …
13:28 Changeset [12298] by hritcu
Changing all examples to use the tuples.
13:26 Changeset [12297] by hritcu
Changing all examples to use the tuples.
10:06 Changeset [12294] by hritcu
Adding tuples as syntactic sugar.
00:14 Changeset [12293] by hritcu
Started adding tuples as syntactic sugar.


13:39 Changeset [12285] by hritcu
We have to chose a name.
12:16 Changeset [12277] by hritcu
Added license file for the Apache License, Version 2.0. Added boilerplate …
12:06 Changeset [12276] by hritcu
Added license file for the Apache License, Version 2.0. Added boilerplate …


11:16 Changeset [12219] by hritcu


12:23 Changeset [11875] by hritcu
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