12:49 Ticket #102 (Current definitions of kinding and subtyping impossible to debug) created by hritcu
The current definitions of kinding and subtyping are efficient but at the …
12:29 Ticket #101 (Support SMT-LIB syntax for FOL formulas) created by hritcu
This would allow us to call Z3 on our formulas -- very efficient! This …
12:23 Ticket #21 (Output the typing derivation) closed by hritcu


14:19 Changeset [31339] by pecina
accomodated the template spass for empty forall constructs (removed) …
13:57 Changeset [31338] by pecina
changed the name of type bool to Bool and the constructors are now called …
13:51 Changeset [31336] by hritcu
13:50 Changeset [31335] by hritcu
Fixed genckind to allow nullary type constructors.
13:35 Changeset [31334] by pecina
chanced the default config to include bools, fixed accordingly for …


17:39 Changeset [31322] by hritcu
Some of the tests involved in finding the last bug.
17:34 Changeset [31321] by hritcu
Fix for the bug in sub (the right fix!)
17:29 Changeset [31320] by hritcu
One more horrible bug in sub -- this time it was helping Kim too much :)
15:52 Changeset [31313] by hritcu
Added command line flag to not delete temp files holding successfully …
15:23 Changeset [31311] by hritcu
proc_case was blindly trusting annotation


15:46 Changeset [30960] by hritcu
Fixed spassparser.mly to accept nullary function symbols (Ticket #100)
14:43 Ticket #100 (Support zero-arity constructors (constants)) closed by hritcu
fixed: Missed one fix in spassprint.ml, it's in now.
14:42 Changeset [30941] by hritcu
Fixed spassprint.ml (Ticket #100)
14:41 Ticket #100 (Support zero-arity constructors (constants)) reopened by hritcu
14:41 Changeset [30940] by hritcu
one more sample using lists
13:22 Ticket #100 (Support zero-arity constructors (constants)) closed by hritcu
fixed: Allowing the user to annotate polymorphic nullary constructors. Looks …
13:19 Changeset [30934] by hritcu
Allowing the user to annotate polymorphic nullary constructors (Ticket …
12:36 Changeset [30931] by hritcu
Fixed gentemplate.ml (Ticket #100)
11:49 Changeset [30926] by hritcu
Support zero-arity constructors (constants) -- Ticket #100
11:47 Ticket #100 (Support zero-arity constructors (constants)) created by hritcu
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