This page provides a quick installation and usage guide. For the full documentation, we refer to the manual:

1.Quick installation guide

To install CASPA first download the source package from the download page, unpack it into a directory of your choice and run make. To build the gui run make gui.

$ cd path-to-directory/
$ tar xvjf caspa.tar.bz2
$ cd caspa
$ make

and optional to build the gui:

$ make gui

REMARK: You need OCaml installed to compile CASPA and for the gui in addition the TK toolkit. In order to be able to produce images of the graphs you need Graphviz.

2.Using CASPA

After building the tool as described above you will find caspa and caspagui in the bin directory of the CASPA sources. caspa is the command line executable and caspagui is the graphical interface. To run CASPA on the protocol example.prot just run the command line tool on it

$ bin/caspa example.prot

or start the gui and then load the protocol using the "load protocol" button or menu entry. For more information about the usage of CASPA please try to run caspa with --help switch, ask the help in the gui, or have a look at the manual.