Pascal Berrang
B.Sc. | Researcher

  • Building E9 1, Room 3.16
  • +49 681 302 57376
  • berrang(aeht)

Curriculum Vitae

2014-present Research Assistant and PhD-student
Information Security and Cryptography Group, Saarland University
2013-2014 Graduate Studies in Computer Science
Saarland University
2013 Student Trainee at SAP
2010-2013 B.Sc. in Computer Science
Saarland University


  • 2011 – Saarland Stipendium;
    Recipient of a Saarland Stipendium (Saarland Scholarship) of the Studienstiftung Saar
  • 2012 – Deutschland Stipendium;
    Recipient of a Deutschland Stipendium (Germany Scholarship)


Semantic Linkability

End-users disseminate cupious amounts of personal information in the Internet, often without realizing it. The Semantic Linkability Project researches private information dissemination through user-generated content linkability risks of profiles across different online social networks based on this user-generated content.



Identifying Personal DNA Methylation Profiles by Genotype Inference


Simulating the Large-Scale Erosion of Genomic Privacy Over Time

Membership Privacy in MicroRNA-based Studies

Profile Linkability despite Anonymity in Social Media Systems

Privacy in Epigenetics: Temporal Linkability of MicroRNA Expression Profiles

From Zoos to Safaris - From Closed-World Enforcement to Open-World Assessment of Privacy


How well do you blend into the crowd? - d-convergence: A novel paradigm for quantifying privacy in the age of Big-Data


Hundert Jahre Quizze-und nichts dazugelernt?(Visionen & Konzepte)

A Platform that Integrates Quizzes into Videos


A comparative analysis of decentralized power grid stabilization strategies

Dependability Results for Power Grids with Decentralized Stabilization Strategies