Kathrin Grosse
M.Sc. | Researcher

  • Information Security and Cryptography
  • Building E9 1, Room 3.04
  • +49 681 302 57370
  • kathrin.grosse(aeht)cispa.saarland

Curriculum Vitae

2016- Research Assistant and PhD-student, Information Security and Cryptography Group, Saarland University
2013-2016 M.Sc. Computer Science, Saarland University
2010-2013 B.Sc. Cognitive Science, University Osnabrück

Personal Information

I am working at the intersection of machine learning(ML) and security, in particular adversarial ML.

However I am also interested in transparent ML, where my primary interest lies in the statistical foundations of ML and the comprehensibility of ML results.



Summarising Event Sequences using Serial Episodes and an Ontology

Adversarial Examples for Malware Detection

On the (Statistical) Detection of Adversarial Examples


Adversarial Perturbations Against Deep Neural Networks for Malware Classification


Integrating argumentation and sentiment analysis for mining opinions from Twitter


A First Approach to Mining Opinions as Multisets through Argumentation


An Argument-based Approach to Mining Opinions from Twitter

Empowering an E-Government Platform Through Twitter-Based Arguments