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Selected Topics In Information Security
Seminar in Summer Term 2011

Blockseminar at the end of term.
Organisatorial Meeting
Wednesday, April 13th, 2011 at 13:00, room 4.07, fourth floor of building E1 1
Presentation Sessions
June 29th and June 30th, 2011

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The seminar addresses current research on information security and cryptography, both from a theoretical and a practical perspective.


The official registration for the seminar will occur at the organizational meeting taking place Wednesday, April 13. The students are encouraged to pre-register before this initial meeting by sending an e-mail to seminar2011(at)mail-infsec(dot)cs(dot)uni-saarland(dot)de. Pre-registration is not binding and is no longer necessary for the students who have already contacted us regarding the seminar (this effectively counts as pre-registering). For your final registration you have to show up in the organizational meeting. Places for the final registration will be provided in the order of pre-registration until all places are taken.


There are no formal requirements for participation. Students should be familiar with basic topics in computer security and cryptography.

Participation in the organizational meeting and all the presentation sessions is mandatory.

Requirements for obtaining credit points (Scheinvergabe)

The seminar requires both an individual contribution by every participant and a contribution achieved within a team of three or four people (formed by the speakers of each session).

As far as the individual part is concerned, each participant

The group part requires the team

You must submit (1) your team report as one LaTeX source and in PDF format, as well as (2) the final version of your slides, before the end of term. All team reports and presentation slides will be made available on this Web site.

Please remember that missing any of the deadlines will prevent you from passing the course.

Presentation Sessions

All presentation sessions will be held on June 29th and June 30th, 2011.

Each presentation has been allocated 30 minutes. The length of each talk should be 25 minutes, while the remaining 5 minutes will be used for questions and comments. We would like this to be a seminar that participants can profit from; so the main emphasis of the talks must be on understandability.

Additionally, after the talks of each session the team has allocated 15 minutes to present a list of potentially interesting, scientifically novel ideas, for discussing them in the class, and for identifying the most promising ideas on which the team could work on further.